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Combining the physical and virtual worlds. We look for companies that are bridging the gap between the online and physical worlds we live in. 

Consumers regularly engage in multiple virtual environments in which they can experience a brand and transact. We believe experiential retail will see shift from ”in-store experiences” to “out-of-store experiences” which will include the virtualization of goods, garments, and footwear. We see a key long-term opportunity to bridge physical goods to digital goods (i.e., seamless design) and near-term opportunity focus on enabling technologies and engines that could be the tool kit for future virtual brands. 

Fund Focus

We look for companies creating breakthrough innovations in the virtualization of consumer products and related experiences. Broadly these can be Innovative solutions to shopping and retail experience across of variety of consumer and business use cases such as: e-commerce, sampling, merchandising, fit, and gaming. We prioritize investments in Augmented Reality (AR) over Virtual Reality (VR) as AR is enabling of ‘active lifestyles’. We prioritize mobile gaming over console or PC gaming, as the latter encourages more sedentary lifestyles.

Focus Areas


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