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Machines and data help humans be their best. We look for companies that are creating platforms that provide an ecosystem approach to wellbeing.

For over a century we have relied on the medical setting for monitoring health and wellness. We have now finally begun using advanced sensor based technologies as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor wellbeing in our everyday lives, and we believe this will transform the future of personal health and wellness through connected “smart clothing”, wearables, devices, the digital interfaces that connect them and other users together. Fabrics are poised to become the new software, and future of brain-machine interfaces is non-invasive.  No longer will understanding and improving all dimensions of our health be wholly constrained by access to medical professionals. 

Fund Focus

We look for advanced capabilities in data and analytics powered by state-of-the-art A.I. and Machine Learning models, breakthrough Innovations In embedded sensors, and platforms that connect health-minded consumers together.

Focus Areas


Natural + Conscientious living


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