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Early stage venture capital for daring entrepreneurs who aspire to reach the summit

We are baselayer

We help entrepreneurs build resilient companies with a strong foundation for global scale.

We are an independent venture capital firm that invests with high conviction at the earliest stages. 

We look for opportunities that lie at the intersection of enduring consumer needs and the technologies and new business models that will satisfy them.

We partner with founders building in the application layer (B2C) or in the infrastructure stack (B2B) in four focus areas:

    health + SELF

    Digital technologies, wearable devices, and consumer platforms for personal wellbeing and performance optimization.


    Innovations that remove the guilt from consumption and give companies and consumers transparency.


    Platforms for use, re-use, and exchange of consumer goods. New business models for consumer utilization.

    virtual goods + EXPERIENCES

    Advanced technologies which engage the “second self” by bridging physical and digital goods.


    We help world class founders build companies of global scale.

    Through a strategic relationship with VF Corporation we can bring to bear the power behind some of the worlds most enduring brands.

    These iconic brands are more than just labels. They connect people around the world to the activities and experiences they cherish most.


    We help connect our  founders to expertise from some of the world’s best purpose led brands in the sustainable and active lifestyle category.


    We help founders tap into insights from millions of consumers around the world to best connect with the lifestyles, activities and experiences they cherish.


    We help connect our companies through VF’s incubator, Venture Foundry and other growth enabling platforms.

    Baselayer Pov: forces of change

    We see six sustained drivers of development that impact society, the economy, business and consumer lives over the next decade.

    Neglected Planet

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    Our planet is reaching an environmental overload, as we wrestle with the impact of climate-change and migrations.

    Post Truth World

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    As our experiences become more digital, algorithmic segmentation erodes common understanding and fractures our shared reality.

    New World Order

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    The center of power is shifting, leading to the rise of new influencers and an evolved “globalization” model.

    mosaic identities

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    Gen Z is rejecting traditional identity norms, instead experimenting to create fluid lifestyles.

    Disruption by data

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    Exponential growth in computing power brings unprecendented means for sensing, capturing and analyzing data.

    Limitless wellness

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    An increased understanding of our bodies will drive heightened interest in health and self-care.

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